As a professional chemical production equipment, the double planetary mixer is an ideal choice for mixing and mixing of highly viscous materials. It not only has the function of variable frequency speed regulation, but also realizes high-speed and uniform dispersion mixing effect. In recent years, with the development of some emerging industries, double planetary mixers have become more widely used. In the preparation of lithium battery slurry mixing, aerospace high molecular material and some composite materials, the mechanical performance advantage of high viscosity mixing with strong power is obvious.Not only the mixing and mixing performance is advanced, but also temperature control and temperature control can be accurately performed according to the production process. How does a temperature control of a dual planetary mixer work in such a highly viscous material mixing plant?

Double planetary mixer

After the dual planetary vacuum mixer equipment is started, the plug of the drum and the temperature controller can be quickly turned on. This way the temperature controller will show the actual temperature of the current mixing drum. After the equipment has completed the mixing operation, also disconnect the quick plug of the drum and the temperature controller in time. At this time, the temperature controller will also display a certain temperature, but this is not the current temperature of the mixing tank. For safety reasons, double-planet blenders are usually equipped with an overtemperature alarm. When the temperature exceeds the preset temperature of the temperature controller, an alarm will be issued and the heating power will be disconnected. So as to avoid equipment overheating caused by equipment damage. When the temperature is lower than the set temperature, the temperature control system will restart the heating switch to ensure the material is fully mixed. When the temperature control switch is on, we can only measure the temperature of the two-planet mixer, but not the temperature control. This is a good way to implement the test temperature control.

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