Since the development and listing of YK’s 5th generation laboratory emulsifier , it is very popular in the market. The fifth generation laboratory emulsifier has accumulated 20 years of practical experience and customer needs. With strong technical support, YK has gained an industry-leading scientific and technological research and development new results. So far, the laboratory emulsifier equipment of YK has entered the fields of cosmetics research and development, medicine research and development, national research institute, university, technology center and small-scale production. The products have received positive feedback from customers from all walks of life!

The fifth generation laboratory emulsifier

The fifth generation laboratory emulsifier according to the requirements of various industries, set a variety of specifications version. The equipment can adapt to different requirements of experimental research and development. According to the specifications and models, the laboratory vacuum emulsifier is divided into 5L and 10L models. The customer can choose the corresponding model according to the work volume requirement. In terms of materials, we have two versions, 304 and 316, respectively, for materials of different sanitary levels. In terms of control mode, it can be equipped with high cost performance common press button control, or with high-end PLC microcomputer touch screen control mode.

Laboratory emulsifier

ZJR series of laboratory vacuum emulsifying units are composed of emulsifying tank (lifting tank cover, upside down tank body), water tank, oil tank, vacuum system, heating and temperature control system, and electrical control system. This is a multi-functional integrated laboratory vacuum emulsifying unit, which can meet the needs of various application industries and small-scale production. If you have the requirement of laboratory emulsifier, welcome to contact YK!