Laboratory High Shear Mixer

Technical data.

Type LR-(5-10)
Throughput (L/time) 5-10
Motor output (kw) 0.55
Speed range (min-1) 3000

this machine is the our product newly developed by technology from Germany, it is refer to the Mixer of the Germany specialty technology which have the accurate date theory, ensure the tiptop cut off frequency,  the least disperse grain, the preeminence quality.

The homogenizer on main shaft working by electromotor, according to the high shear wheel and the cutting case to strong cutting offimpactWithout rules mobility, etc. the material turn to a particle of 200nm-2um prom at the cut interstices and dispersing within a short time.


cosmetics, emulsion, bath shampoo, ointment, tooth paste, oil, perfume, beverage, pharmaceuticals, coating and adhesive etc..