The domestic one trade intermediary customer Yikai ordered two sets of cosmetic equipment. It contains a set of ZJR-10 small 10 kg vacuum mixer, a set of ZJR-50, which is a 50L vacuum emulsifier. Its end customer is a cosmetics industry customer engaged in the production of cosmetic mask mud. In order to ensure that the end customer can provide the most secure cosmetic equipment, the middleman customer has done a lot of market research work. They found a lot of emulsifier manufacturers and conducted a variety of comparisons and screenings. In the end, the customer ordered the two sets of equipment in YK.

Laboratory emulsifier

From the communication between the two parties, we have learned that the main raw materials of the cosmetics facial mask mud products of the end customers are liquid matrix and some powders. The requirements for mixing and stirring should be delicate, even and frothy. The requirement for equipment, of course, is good quality and stable performance. The more cost-effective the price, the better. According to the customer’s request, we recommend our ZJR series emulsifier. Through the communication between the two parties on equipment and technology, the equipment selection was finally determined.

Vacuum homogenizing emulsifier

The two sides reached a happy cooperation. It can be seen that yikai’s equipment, whether in brand, quality, cost performance, or service, is a popular emulsifier factory in the business. Of course, the salesman had a good communication with customers and provided them with a good pre-sale ordering experience. Now two sets of vacuum homogeneous emulsifier equipment have been completed, ready to be shipped to Shanghai port, New Zealand customer site.