The Cosmetics Fair, which has just ended in late May, shows people the current status and development trend of the cosmetics industry. At the scene, we felt the concept and technology of each link in the cosmetics industry. With the continuous development of science and technology and the increasing intensity of cosmetics research and development, the concept of cosmetics has been constantly updated. This includes smart cosmetics, energy cosmetics, natural cosmetics and more. The cosmetic technology mainly includes medical science and technology, biochemical science and technology, biological genetic engineering technology and nanotechnology. Cosmetics manufacturing equipment is also exposed to nanotechnology.

Nano-emulsion technology

Among these technologies, what is generally accepted in the industry is nano-emulsion technology. The application of nano-microemulsification of cosmetics, a new technology, significantly improves the quality of cosmetics and enhances the core competitiveness of cosmetics companies. So what is the realization of nanoemulsification of cosmetics?


A high-end skin care product, in addition to good formulas and raw materials, requires good technology and good cosmetic production equipment. When evaluating a good or bad cosmetic product, veterans tend to focus on the ability of the product to penetrate, which is the ability of the product to be absorbed by the skin. The nutrients in cosmetics can be absorbed by the skin to achieve skin care. If you apply it on your face, you will not absorb it.

Nano-microemulsion products

For now, the cosmetics produced by the technology now available in cosmetic equipment are relatively fine and have good penetration. However, with the upgrading of consumer demand and the development of cosmetics production equipment technology, nano-emulsion technology came into being. This technology will bring a new revolution in the penetration of cosmetics!

Nano cosmetics machinery and equipment

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