A hospital in YK ordered an LR series high shear homogenizer for the preparation of Chinese medicine cream. The one ordered by the customer is a standard homogenizer. Therefore, from the order to the shipment, the intermediate link is very smooth. At present, the equipment has been assembled and the electrical parts have been installed. The equipment passed the commissioning and inspection and is now in the delivery phase.

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YK LR series high shear homogenizer is popular in the pharmaceutical industry for its excellent shearing and emulsifying properties. The hanger-type homogenizer not only has excellent ultra-fine particle cutting effect, but also has high productivity, convenient operation, small floor space and convenient movement. The homogenizing head can be adjusted according to the horizontal position of the material in the container. The equipment is made of high quality stainless steel, with fine workmanship and reliable quality. It is widely used in many pharmaceutical companies and medical institutions!

Ointment production equipmentOintment production equipment

Wuxi YK Automation Technology Co., Ltd. specializes in the manufacture and sale of ointment production equipment. YK’s ZJR series vacuum emulsifier and the LR series homogenizer shipped this time are very suitable for the production of ointment. Each series is equipped with multiple specifications according to the customer’s production scale and production requirements. Different versions are configured to suit the production needs of different industries. If you have a need for homogeneous emulsification equipment, please contact YK. Business people will be professionally cost-effective for your needs!