High-shear emulsifier lifting function configuration often applies hydraulic systems. It is generally used for large emulsifying tanks. In YK’s ZJR series high-shear emulsifiers, large platform-type emulsifiers use hydraulic lifting systems. It is mainly a lifting system for an emulsified and stirred tank. Sometimes the hydraulic system malfunctions for some reason.  What causes the failure of the high shear emulsifier hydraulic system?

High shear emulsifier11

It is understood that in the hydraulic system failure of high shear emulsifier equipment, most of the failures are caused by hydraulic oil. This is generally due to the influence of impurities in the hydraulic oil.

If the equipment hydraulic oil fails, you can mainly check the following points:

1.First, look at the cleanliness, color, viscosity, and consistency of the hydraulic oil. You can smell the smell is normal.

2.In most high-speed emulsifier systems, the overflow valve is the main source of heat. The large flow rate of the pressure reducing valve is another major cause of fever.

3.Regular inspection of the oil temperature in the tank can effectively prevent serious damage from occurring. Make it eliminate before system failure.

4.Excessive hydraulic oil temperature can cause the seal to deteriorate and the oil to oxidize to failure. It can cause corrosion and deposits that can block the wear of the orifice and the accelerating valve. Excessive temperatures can cause the valve and pump to jam. High temperatures can also cause safety problems.

5. Hydraulic oil flows from the high pressure side to the low pressure side without mechanical work.Heat will be generated in the hydraulic system.

The above is the main reason for the failure of the hydraulic lifting system of the high-shear emulsifier equipment. After the equipment fails, it is advisable to contact the original factory after-sales technical personnel for professional treatment!