In the hot summer, we ushered in a hot August. The weather is hot, and the employees in our workshops are still busy. Today, a 250L platform vacuum emulsifier is completed! The total period from contract signing to design, procurement, and production assembly is only one month. Angola cosmetics production vacuum emulsifier equipment is delivered one day ahead of schedule! This delivery equipment is a complete set of cosmetics, including water tanks, main pots, platforms, stairs and so on.

Cosmetic vacuum emulsification mixer

The cosmetics equipment supply and commissioning project undertaken by angolan customers is the second time that yikai has cooperated with customers happily. At the beginning of the project, we received representatives from the angolan side to visit the company. The customer has highly recognized the professionalism of our company’s various processes. This has laid a good foundation for bilateral cooperation. After many communications and confirmation, the two sides successfully signed cooperation in June. In the following time, design, procurement, production, logistics and other departments actively cooperate. With the mutual cooperation and joint efforts of all parties, the production task has been successfully completed within the expected time, and has been highly recognized by users.