Since the introduction of the Mixcore external circulation emulsifier, it has attracted the attention of many customers at home and abroad.  It has advanced “recycled emulsification” as the core technology of the system.  Equipment specifications cover experiments, pilots and production.  This provides a scientific and efficient mixing solution for the production of complex, diversified products in many industries!

xternal circulation vacuum emulsifier2

The main advantages of the Mixcore recirculating emulsifier

1.Unique hybrid homogenization system

2.Powder dust-free feed

3.Rapid dispersion and defoaming of powder

4.Production time reduced to 60%

5.Maximum output rate due to internal and external circulation

6.Shorten discharge and cleaning time

7.Aseptic design for fast and efficient cleaning

8.Maximum viscosity up to 80,000 mPas

9.Ergonomic operation and handling

10.Full volume production or as little as 1/4 volume production

Mixcore external circulation emulsifierMixcore external circulation emulsifier

Due to its outstanding advantages and many advantages, the Mixcore recirculating emulsifier can meet the different process mixing requirements of various products. All semi-solid products such as suspensions, creams, emulsions and gels can be reliably and quickly produced efficiently. Even for sterility requirements, Mixcore is also available.